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A Journey of God: What is it?

A journey of God is not a place, an idea, an objective, nor somewhere you go to. It is a discovery that you are. There is no mistake in the Jewish choice of a name for God: I am who am. I am that I am. I am the act of the becoming of now; […]

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The Discovery of That I Am

A journey of God happens where ever a person transcends the limitations of physical reality and goes into the deeper reality of the meaning of to be. The Hebrew concept of God, I am who am, means I am is a universal. I am vaster than the space in which the universe expands. And yet […]

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Do Not Be Conformed

Choosing to not be conformed is to risk the loss of everything that is familiar. There’s a fear of taking responsibility for one’s behavior, because the minute you ask “Who Am I,” you’re taking responsibility for that answer. And when you face the reality that you’ve created who you are, you may have to leave […]

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