Experiencing God: Part 1 of 4

Seek-First-the-Kingdom-250x150At the beginning of the journey, in terms of the perception of life and having an encounter with God, the presence of God appears like a crown of snow that is atop a mountain that is glittering from the light of the sun. You can see it in the reflection of the light as it comes to you, from the crown of the mountain, and it appears glorious. If you have the experience of God calling, and you choose to climb the mountain, to take a journey of God, what happens is that you gradually move away from the ecological centers of different types of life. You’ll move from the jungle into new temperates, and then into different sub-climbs. In the pursuit of God, you’ll get to a step that’s rocky and barren where there are very small but beautiful flowers. Ultimately you reach the crown and you no longer see the gold because the sun is now glinting in a different way, playing down on the things that you’ve left before, and your relationship with God is affirmed. You see a veldt of purples and golds and blues and greens and forestation. You don’t see all the living things in there, and you don’t see all the things that are making that come to be, but you see it as a whole veil of green. Having achieved the top of the mountain, having achieved the inspiration, or discovering that God is real, you’re going to be called back to the world you left.

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