Experiencing God: Part 2 of 4

Experiencing-God-250x150When you’re called back to the world you left, you’re called to teach what you saw when you were up on the crown, and you can address the questions of: Is there something more to life? Is God real? You can now mentally understand that the gleaming crown is the existence of God, but it’s also a transcendence greater than the mountain or the plain that you will ultimately see. And maybe when you took the journey to the mountain top itself, which ever way you got there, either by the Christian faith or another, you came to understand the relationship. But the true thing is that there is the light, and the light is what is eternal, the magnificent glory of God. In the creation story, in the beginning there was the thinker: there was God almighty. And the first thing that’s said is Let there be light. That light is the enlightenment we receive as well as the light we perceive in the things around us.



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