The Discovery of That I Am


A journey of God happens where ever a person transcends the limitations of physical reality and goes into the deeper reality of the meaning of to be. The Hebrew concept of God, I am who am, means I am is a universal. I am vaster than the space in which the universe expands. And yet I am more intimate than the subatomic particles that transcend the central points of time to use the energy of the future to perform the tasks of the past. I am so intimate that I am at the touch of Love. The Hebrew concept of I Am is a consciousness in the totality of To Be: the universal Am’ ness. When Love transcends the experience and becomes one in the passion of life, I am is present, and intimacy with God is found. That is when one discovers That I Am.

A journey of God is a way of defining and
understanding meaning with an experience.

A-Journey-of-God-BuddhaThe Buddhist monk goes into a meditation and leaves the reality of the world that he has known for another form of reality. He hasn’t divorced the world, rather he has forced the world through into a deeper place.

A-Journey-of-God-ChristianThe Christian monk goes into his hermitage in Greece, and he goes into a lifetime of silence. This monk is looking for the reason that the silence has sound, but not a sound that’s heard with his ears, rather a sound that’s heard reverberating in the center of his being as he is in unity with the love of God.

A-Journey-of-God-TeresaMother Teresa looks for the God she can’t believe in, as she serves the God she does believe in. She is looking for the return of the meaning and the feeling that comes in the process of her becoming. And in the end she finds the God she sought, and has a new relationship with God, because that God was always there, but had to be touched by her own dark night of the soul.

How will you find more meaning in life?

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