Experiencing God Part 4 of 4

Experiencing-God-ReachingAs the climber becomes one with the mountain, the light, and the valley, he is unaware of how much he has entered himself to become that one, because that is experiencing God at the first level, the level of the sun God of Egypt which is a real experience. He is so caught on that single trajectory, that he can’t see his perpetual becoming while he’s achieving the objective. God’s grace will be touching him without his knowing because there is only his own goal. The reaching of the crown is part of his own enlightenment, which is total emptiness. And once having reached the top, he no longer has the feeling of the climb, and his becoming stops because the achieved objective has taken it away. And until he understands That I Am, his peace with God will always be bound to the next objective to achieve, and he will live in the memory of past achievements or dreams of the next. Until That I Am is understood, he will have defined the highest point of life as a progression towards a goal that he has defined. For one to continue experiencing God, regardless of objectives and goals achieved, requires one to transcend the limitations of their physical, defined reality and to find a deeper reality of meaning.

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