Encounter With God

Encounter-With-God-250x150A journey of God is not a place, an idea, an objective, nor somewhere you go to. It is a discovery that you are. It is where ever a person transcends the limitations of physical reality and goes into the deeper reality of meaning. It is only known by experience because there is no definition, and it perpetuates a discovery of absolute intimacy: you are so intimate that you are at the touch of Love.

Choosing to ignore experiences of deeper meaning, is to continue to exist under the control and definitions of others.
Until one accepts the need to become, life will be empty. There can never be proof of deeper meaning, one must trust their own direct experience.

There is no mistake in the Jewish choice of a name for God: I Am Who Am. I Am That I Am. I am the act of the becoming of now. I’m the momentary reality in which everything else has faded.

A Buddhist monk goes into a meditation and leaves the reality of the world that he has known for another form of reality. He hasn’t divorced the world, but he has forced the world through into a deeper place.

Mother Teresa looks for the God she can’t believe in, as she serves the God she does believe in. She is looking for the return of the meaning and the feeling that comes in the process of her becoming.

A Christian monk goes into a lifetime of silence. What is he looking for? He’s looking for a sound that reverberates in the center of his being as he is in unity with God.

I am vaster than the space in which the universe expands. But I am also more intimate than the wave that holds the quark on the electron line. I am more intimate than the subatomic particles that transcend the central points of time to use the energy of the future to perform the tasks of the past. I am so intimate that I am at the touch of Love.

In the Hebrew concept of God “I Am Who Am”, ‘I Am’ is a consciousness in the totality of To Be.

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