The World Will Hate You

There are several ways that our social order structures experience: there’s larger offices as we rise up the corporate ladder, or we wear more red as we go up the church ladder. We mark out with distinctions, the success in the passage. And what happens is that after having gotten the full red crown or the big office, one sits back and says “Well, what do I have? Is that what I was looking for? And what have I creatively experienced in who I am?” If your experience does not transcend the meaning of the world you live in, then you will remain bound to the limitations and definitions of the world around you.

Being bound by existing definitions means never becoming more of your true nature.


  • Social controls are hateful to the self, and they permeate like warp on the wool as we weave the cloth.
  • The forces that imprison us are felt but are consciously unseen
  • It’s easy to get caught in a combination of the need of society, because it requires order, and seeking to build who you are, which has no boundary

  • An arrogant muliti-milionaire buys mansions, yachts, and racing cars because he is looking to experience something. The mansions are beautiful but has he found home? The yachts are magnificent when he goes from place to place, does he enjoy the journey? The cars go a great speed, but does he know what the experience of the moment is? Does he ever understand that he his looking for an experience that transcends the meaning of the world he lives in?
  • The outside world is like the critic who says, “I’ll tell you how things should be done.” Which is not important to knowing That I Am. The critic is important to knowing who I am, what I am, what I do, what I can do, what are the limits of my skills. But that in no way let’s me know a feeling.

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