Meeting with Reb Zalman

Bill meets with his old friend Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi at his home in ...

St. John’s Presentation

Bill meets with Pastor Suzan Springer (and her two furry companions) at ...

Intimate Discussion

Video Coming Soon:   Why God?   Info: William Lemieux St Johns


Interview Coming Soon

The World Will Hate You

There are several ways that our social order structures experience: there’s larger offices as we rise up the corporate ladder, or we wear more red as we go up the church ladder. We mark out with distinctions, the success in the passage. And what happens is that after having gotten the full red crown or […]

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The Truth Will Set You Free

Social controls are not your enemies, rather they teach you to change your perception. Having the experience of touching ‘I Am’ opens the door of perception, and on each touch your choices become larger. And with the knowledge of that experience, you can then question what it is that you are doing against a different […]

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No Other Gods: Part 1

Challenging established controls always has a danger, because the moment you challenge control, you challenge the security of other. If you move out of the realm of another’s perceptual acceptance, and if you live outside the realm of another’s perceptual acceptance, you immediately by your existence, force others to question what they perceive. When you […]

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No Other Gods: Part 2

The price of challenging controls has more than one form. Someone with Asbergers doesn’t recognize the social queue very well. He is never totally sure whether he’s doing the right thing or the wrong thing as far as society is concerned. And he has a real fear of the wrong thing because he has paid […]

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Where Your Treasure Is

At the level of our animal nature, we are collectivistic: a lion hunts a herd of wildebeests, and the closer a wildebeest is to the center the better, because if it’s on the edge the lion can get it. The herd provides safety, and the pack doesn’t allow for difference because it would split. The […]

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